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The ANC Education Faculty is an elite group of internationally qualified educationalists and managers with extensive experience in international education. In addition, they are role models for academic integrity and are passionate about their craft, and able to convey that to the students. As such, ANC Education’s students are never taught by traditional ‘tutors’.

Most of our Faculty members have become teachers and researchers because they love to learn and share their discoveries with others. Their teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason, to motivate students not only to learn, but teaching them how to learn, and doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable. They are also successful entrepreneurs and educators who are committed to their students’ personal and professional success. Simply put, our courses are taught by Faculty comprising 60% of internationally qualified PhD’s and 40% with Masters degrees.

ANC Education provides the best place to learn under a caring Faculty who will assist to nurture and, develop minds and talents, by devoting time, often invisible, to every student. Our Faculty will enable students to experience the best global education opportunities with the least amount of hassle and money; and will also push them to excel beyond limits they thought wasn’t possible and at the same time being human, acknowledging excellence and being professional at all times. Most important, they will know you by name!

ANC Education’s faculty knows the current realities, market expectations and educational expectations of global employers. At the end of the day, our Faculty would make a significant impact on the life of a student or one would say “that was the best course he or she’s ever taken”.

Senior Academic Officers

Dr Boniface Peiris

(Head of Academic Quality Assurance) PhD University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA MSc, Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow, USSR

Mr. M B M Naufaloon

(Head of Monash University Foundation Year ) MSc, Bangalore University, India BSc, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Dr. Mojgan Shadbash

(Act. Academic Head – Psychology Degree Program, MS & T University) PsyD in Clinical Psychology (German approbation) MSc, BSc (Psychology), University of Trier, Germany

Mr. Chatura Liyanage

Academic Head - Northwood university Programs

Mr. Marcelline Alexander

Academic Head - Post Graduate Business Programs

University Foundation & Executive Education Faculty

Mr. Bennett Patternott

Executive MBA- Colombia Business School, Colombia University NY, USA International MBA- ECU, Australia Executive Education- Kellogg Business School, Chicago, USA B Com, Vidyodaya University, Sri Lanka

Mr. Chanaka Talpahewa

MBA, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka MPhil, Cambridge University, UK MA(IR), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka BSc, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Attorney-at-Law, Sri Lanka Law College

Mr. Tharanga Gunasekera

MBA Leicester University, UK MSLIM, Sri Lanka MCIM, UK Chartered Marketer, UK

Mr. Gerad Muttukumaru

MBA University of Baltimore, USA MCom, Loyola College, University of Madras, India

Mr. Ravi Liyanage

MBA, PIM, Sri Jayawardhanapura, Sri Lanka BSc, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mr. Hasitha Wijesundara

M Sc in Economics, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka LLB, Open University of Sri Lanka Attorney-at-Law, Sri Lanka Law College BSc, University of Kelaniya

Other Faculty

Dr. Hans Straub

(English) ABD York University, Canada MA, Dalhousie University, Canada BA, McMaster University, Canada

Dr. Wilfred Jayasuriya

(English) PhD, Southern Illinois University, USA BA, University of Ceylon

Dr. Kamal De Abrew

(English) PhD, Cornell University, USA MA, University of London, UK BA, University of Ceylon

Dr. Joyce Silva

(English) PhD, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka MEd, Columbia University, USA BA, University of Ceylon

Mr. Haren Fernando

(History) MA, California State University, USA BA, Occidental College, USA

Mr. Sesha Dassanayake

(Mathematics) MSc, University of Minnesota, USA BA, Wabash College, USA

Mr. Sanjaya Dissanayake

(Mathematics) MSc, Texas Tech University, USA BA, Texas Tech University, USA BSc, Oklahoma State University, USA

Mr. Manjeera Karunaratnne

(Mathematics) MSc, Tecnische Universität, Kaiserslautern, Germany BSc, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Ms. Dulini Wirasinha

(Business) MSc, London School of Economics & Political Sciences (LSE), UK BSc, University of Lancaster, UK BSc, University of London, UK

Ms. Anthe Ickx

(Psychology) BA, Benelux University, Belgium Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, Ghent University, Belgium

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