ANC School of Postgraduate Education teams up with the University of West London (UWL), UK
to introduce a globally recognized MSc qualification in Clinical and Health Psychology to the
Sri Lankan education platform. Those with dreams to further their education in the field of
Psychology with an aim of global career and higher education opportunities, now have the
exclusive opportunity to complete a British qualification from the UWL
entirely in Sri Lanka within 12-15 months.

The MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology programme provides the academic pathway for a student to embark on a career in Clinical and Health psychology for a psychology graduate as the programme aims at providing theory and skills that are central to psychology in the areas of Clinical and health psychology. Further this programme can be further alleviated by following a PhD in psychology or a Psy.D. or professional training (subject to the regulations of the specific country).

The learning experience gained from the MSc Programme goes beyond exam based education as the students have the opportunity to engage in group work, presentations, assignments, case studies and interactive learning. Most importantly, the students will benefit from our well-versed academics with relevant qualifications, professional training, teaching experience as well as experience in the field.


- Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology
- Bachelor's in Sociology or Sciences


- Practice and Professional Issues in Clinical & Health Psychology (20 credits)
- Biopsycholsocial Issues in Health Psychology (20 credits)
- Advanced Research Methods 1 (20 credits)
- Advanced Psychopathology (20 credits)
- Clinical Assessment and Treatment (20 credits)
- Advanced Research methods 2 (20 credits)
- Supervised Research Project (60 credits)


Assignments, Examinations, Individual and Group Assessments and Class Discussions

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