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Academic Quality Assurance Department (AQAD)

ANC Education’s Quality Assurance Policy is primarily aimed at the enhancement of the quality of the student learning experience in the process of maintaining the high academic standards that it is renowned for.

Our partner universities have each devised their own quality assurance systems. Likewise, ANC Education too has formulated its unique Academic Quality Assurance policy and systems, primarily on a similar basis yet in some instances, even exceeding the requirements of partner universities, all of whom have approved and accepted our Quality Assurance Systems.

A special unit termed Academic Quality Assurance Unit (AQA) is in place to ensure adherence to such stringent standards in all our academic activities.

The University of West London policies and regulations pertaining to students following UWL programmes at ANC education can be viewed in https://www.uwl.ac.uk/about-us/policies-and-regulations

Academic Quality Assurance Unit's responsibilities include:
  • Monitoring of courses and teachers through development and dissemination of teaching standards / guidelines and Student Evaluation Questionnaires
  • Ensuring that procedures are established and maintained which allow ANC Education to respond in a systematic and transparent manner and conforming to the requirements of the partner universities or any local authority upon request.
  • The management of the academic appeals process

Student Admission to ANC Education
  • Entry requirements

Registration for courses
  • Allocation of courses according to the most suited course structure
  • Pre-requisites
  • Course load
  • Class sizes

  • Monitoring the conduct of examinations

Academic integrity
  • Zero tolerance towards plagiarism and cheating

New faculty recruitment
  • Initial interview
  • Partner University acceptance
  • Mock lecture
  • Final interview

Student feed back
  • Mid semester evaluations
  • End semester evaluations

Peer evaluations
  • All academic processes to adhere to policies
  • In addition to the regular quality audits conducted by partner universities, audits are also made annually by ISO for continuation of the certification.

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